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Lagu Say Sue Me - We Look Alike
Artist: Say Sue Me
Title: We Look Alike
Album: The Last Thing Left
Size: 3.07 MB
Duration: 00:03:16

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Update lagu Say Sue Me terbaru 2022-05-13 dari Say Sue Me dengan single lagu terbarunya "We Look Alike" album The Last Thing Left, Download lagu Say Sue Me - We Look Alike mp3 gratis dibawah dengan kualitas bit rate 192000 kbps dan jika kamu suka dengan lagunya silahkan gunakan I-Ring/RBT atau membeli musik originalnya di, dengan begitu kamu sudah mendukung karyanya. Thanks!

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Lirik Lagu Say Sue Me-We Look Alike

Lyric Say Sue Me - We Look Alike

Well I thought I looked like you

Felt good someone told me

We looked alike how we smiled

I thought you looked like me

Ever since we first met

And we fell in love

What I like, your little eyes

What you like and my little eyes

Keep noticing since we started to talk

Bit of laziness

They look alike

Music we like and walking at night

yeah what we like

They look alike

People we like and sometimes what we hate

We’re fate

And we got through all the seasons

2 times, 3 times, 10 times

Found out that’s what I wanna see

You’re something else

That’s what I’ve learned

I only know you have different thoughts

I don’t think I know anything else

Your words and your TV

What you want

My hands are cold but yours are warm

You’re mysterious and I’m curious

Sometimes I feel like I never knew

The more I learn about you,

The less I know about you

But when I think of you

I feel like I want to be alive more

If I laugh

You laugh along

And I’m not feeling alone

That makes me laugh louder

We laugh together

When I feel sad

You’re quiet just listen to me

I feel it going away

You make me feel better

Nothing is the matter

If you laugh

I can’t help laughing

No need for any trying

That makes us look alike more

You’re not alone anymore

If you cry

I can’t help crying

No need for any trying

Just hope that you feel better

Nothing is the matter

We’re getting more and more alike
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